Music Minds

Music Minds was created in an effort to build a centralized hub for educational content and resources that pertain to the music industry as a whole. We want those in the industry, as well as those interested, to easily find and partake in upcoming livestreams, webinars, panels and events that are educational and informative, from the industry's greatest thought leaders and boundary-pushing minds.


Sharing knowledge, resources and ideas with the community is at our core. Learning from each other by promoting best practices allows us to continuously provide exceptional experiences to fans globally. We want to ensure there is an easy-to-use, central place for these incredible resources and content after they occur so we can watch and reference them with ease. Music Minds will bring together an array of learning and development programs and content into one holistic system. This system will support the industry learner and information seeker, that will continue to grow over time, starting with the introduction of two main focuses: an up-to-date current events calendar, and an archival system of its resources.


A wide range of topics are covered, from Technology to Management and Touring. We're constantly looking to improve and add additional reliable industry resources. Please feel free to reach out with recommendations so we can continue growing this industry-wide hub.



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